How to become the best musician you can be by personally experiencing...

  • Advanced Ear Mastery: Full song decoding process with live demonstrations and verbal interaction.
  • Advanced Ear Mastery: Personal training exercises and accountability
  • Improvisation Mastery: Personal assistance on how to spice up your arrangements on the spot
  • Composition Mastery: My personal guidance on songwriting based on my knowledge and experience gained through analysing and playing over 1700+ popular songs
  • Technical Mastery: My personal training exercises for improving on articulation, speed, agility and versatility
  • Music Theory: Understand how music is truly formed so you can apply concepts to all songs instead of individual songs
  • Classical Music Tuition: "Optional" for those who may want to explore music from the 1600-1900s to expand their music knowledge with my classical pianist knowledge gained from years of experience with also 2 diplomas of qualifications
Book For Lesson Here

Book For Lesson Here

"Finding a mentor is one of the biggest keys to success..."

Importance of Mentorship

Hello there, this is Amos, owner of a Piano YouTube Channel called Amosdoll Music where I  have consistently played over 1000+ piano videos by my methods of ear mastery and improvisation within this year.

Here are my following advice on seeking mentorship.

In finding a mentor, you should always consider these following things:

  1. Find someone you want to be like.
    A lot of fresh music enthusiasts make the mistake in finding traditional teachers that are only good at sheet music classical music; what the teacher is good at will eventually be translated to the student because that is what they will learn and become.
  2. Study the person.
    Don't be afraid to ask the teacher to show some of their abilities through demonstrations (not only qualifications) so you can make sure that you will learn the things that you want to learn from the teacher. Make sure they "preach what they teach".
  3. Aligned preferences.
    Make sure the songs you learn with them is what you are passionate about.
    Most of the times, students who learn from traditional teachers quit because they lose motivation by not learning the songs that they like.



Book For Lesson Here



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