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Hello there, this is Amos, owner of a Piano YouTube Channel called Amosdoll Music where I  have played over 1000+ piano videos by my methods of ear mastery and improvisation within this year.


I've been commonly described as a human pianist version of a "jukebox" because I can play any song in the world simply by listening to it.  However, unlike the normal jukebox that is limited to the amount of songs in their databases, there is no limit to my cover service for you because I can play not only any song, but also any arrangement of the song in any key which is the major attractive feature for my clients due to the element of customization.

I’m here to professionally play you anything you want (anything that has a singable melody) onto the piano starting from just $30.

The price goes up only by $5 based on how long the song is per minute (because of course… more work is required for longer songs).

$30 for Songs that are 3 minutes and under
$40for Songs that are 3-4 minutes long
$50 for Songs that are 4-5 minutes long
$60 for Songs that are 5-6 minutes long
etc. (you get that pattern)

The only additional costs only come into play either when:

- The song is fast, the faster the song is, the more notes there are for the length of the song as compared to a slow song with the same length, and the greater the difficulty for me to work out the song. (I can still do it of course)

- You want a custom changed key from the original, this additional cost is mostly for singers or solo instrumentalists who want me to raise or lower the key of the song to suit their personal range.

So whether you just want me to play a song for your enjoyment, for your own musical accompaniment or business use, or for someone you love... this service is for you.

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What Is Included In This Song Request Package

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Based on your request song length, choose the matching payment using the drop-down box below, then click "Buy Now" to proceed onto the next step.


Fill in the Song Request Form (that is only available after you pay) where you enter in information like: the email that you used to pay; the song name; the link of the song (so I know which arrangement to play); and the email that you will use for our communication.


When I complete the song, both the YouTube video link and the HD audio file will be sent to the email that you entered in the form in Step 2.


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