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Yamaha YPG-535 88-Key Portable Grand Keyboard

Yamaha's 88-key Portable Grand in the size of a keyboard with stellar piano sound mounted with a LCD screen displaying music, chords and scales.

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As some of you may know, I am a fan of Yamaha pianos because of their bright tone. Even my piano that I record my YouTube videos with is a Yamaha upright!

However, I know many people would not straight-up invest into a real life upright (or grand) piano because they are always a hefty $10,000+ investment (even for second hand...)

Cost 20 Times Less

That is why I would recommend this specific Yamaha keyboard not only because it costs less than 20x of a real piano, yet it also replicates the sounding qualities and essentials of a real piano.

Now, let's quickly talk about my 3 main reasons out of the MANY features (as listed on zZounds website) that personally stand out for me and why you should consider this.

Standard Full Keys

Let's firstly talk about the fact that how great that this keyboard has 88-keys (which is the standard number of keys for a real piano).

Many times, I recommend new students to get a full 88-key piano/keyboard because having less keys would often confuse the positioning of new students during the lesson.

This is because they probably practiced on a keyboard that has 76-key, 61-key (or worse if less than that). And this causes unnecessary inconsistency and trouble for the learner.

Touch Sensitivity Technique

Secondly, unlike many other low-budget keyboards, this keyboard has 'touch sensitivity' that recreates the pressing down and up actions of REAL piano keys which is a definite MUST HAVE for my new students.

The reason for my high requirements for touch sensitivity is because this affects the development of good finger techniques specifically for new students.

To put it in easier words, new student learning with no-touch keyboard = develop bad technique.

It is extremely important to get into a good habit from the very start in learning to use different touch for different piano techniques, so that is why this is another great feature.

Posture & Pedal

Lastly, the keyboard stand and sustain pedal is also included with the purchase. These 2 things are very important and here is why...

I have had new students practicing on the floor or on the table because there is no proper keyboard stand. This is very bad because one of the first things I teach my new students is to develop good posture and feet balance in order to excel in specific techniques.

Also, some new students originally have a low-budget keyboard with no pedal jack input (nor a sustain pedal as well), this ultimately renders the lessons and songs that requires the pedal almost useless because most people forget about things if they don't apply it after learning!

Save 44% Off Normal Listing

As an Asian, I personally like getting the best deal out of everything (I know you are too).

That is why I recommend getting this keyboard specifically from my sponsor zZounds (a worldwide known music store) because they are always 40-60% lower than other music store's listing price.

They even have a function where if you have "seen it for less", you can prove and request for a lower price for their products... that is how confident they are!



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All Features:

- Lightweight 88-key digital piano with Yamaha's Graded Soft Touch action
- 500 voices, including Yamaha's XGlite/GM soundset plus Sweet! and Cool! voices
- "Portable Grand" button for one-touch access to the Yamaha piano sound
- Split and Dual voices: Layer two sounds or split the keyboard
- Hundreds of built-in auto-accompaniment styles to play along with -- plus download more via USB
- Record your own music with the built-in 6-track sequencer
- Built-in Interactive Lessons with "Your Tempo" mode
- Backlit LCD shows you musical notation, chord names, and more
- Matching stand included
- Sustain pedal included
- Power supply included

Learn More About This Keyboard

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