Why "Amosdoll"...?

Hello everyone, this is Amosdoll Music and here is the about page where you can get to know a little bit about me!

First of all, for those who are wondering why my YouTube channel name is what it is...

Amos... Doll?

Why Amos?

And Why Doll?

My actual name is Amos, and the doll part is actually my Chinese last name sounding exactly the way it is pronounced in the Cantonese dialect.

So yea... sorry to disappoint you that my name had nothing to do with me being as cute as a doll!

Or does it...?

(We will never know...)

Kidding, kidding!

Anyway jokes aside, let’s jump straight into the...

How it all started...

Just like any average Australian-Born-Chinese boy, I was forced into classical piano lessons for the starting years during primary school.

The 4-6 examination songs per year for every grade was so boring, but since I was quite an obedient child, I didn’t dare to stand up to my parents  asking to quit because I feel  that their years of money invested into my lessons would be wasted.

After completing grade after grade after grade, it wasn’t until about grade 6 where I found that traditional learning from sheet music had limitations.

There were many new songs from the radio, from Animes, from dramas that I loved and wanted to play on the piano…

But sheet music on those new songs that I loved was no where to be found.

I was frustrated and just like many other musicians out there, I tried to guess and check the notes until it sounded right.

And as expected, the guess and check method failed miserably too.

Using the guess and check method not only took forever for me to find the melody, but it did not help at all for finding the harmonies.

I was desperate and wanted to play my favourite songs, so I asked my Uncle who can play any song and solos on the guitar with just a few listenings to see how I can apply that to the piano.

He told me that all songs consisted of 3 main music fundamentals of melodies, chords (harmony of notes), and rhythm (timing of notes).

He advised that in order to work out melody and chords without guessing, I just need to know the intervals (distance) between each note because essentially melodies are many combination of intervals formed after another, and chords are a combination of intervals played together.

After some examples he demonstrated, I started to further develop my methods and implemented into some of my favourite Chinese songs.

It worked! I was so happy that I posted my first piano covers by ear onto a video hosting website back at around 2007 that is known as YouTube now.

However, after doing about 70 YouTube videos for fun, I quit YouTube for many years due to my obligations to finish my classical piano diplomas, my senior high school and my university double bachelor degree in Commerce (Accounting) and Arts (Music).

The reason why I chose arts as my other degree was because of the fact that I still loved music and used it for an escape. I was also a keyboardist in a professional wedding and functions band during that time so I can keep my music passion fuelled.

Even though I’ve always been teaching piano part time from high school to the university years, during the final university year, I finally got the courage to tell my parents that I do not want to pursue a career in accounting, but to pursue in something I love the most – Music.

And that was when I started to make YouTube videos again in 2015.

And up until the present, my channel consists 3 types of piano videos:

1. Piano Cover Videos

I do piano covers and medleys by ear on pretty much any genre you can imagine, ranging from English Billboard songs, Chinese songs, Korean KPOP songs, Anime songs, Movie soundtracks, Video Game Music, Cartoon songs, MEME songs, and even dubstep and a lot more for you to explore...
Here are a few examples of my popular works:

2. Piano Tutorial Lesson Videos

Despite of the existing thousands of popular works I have covered, the more important aspect of the channel is dedicated into teaching you how to play those songs using my step by step piano tutorials so you can stay trendy with your favorite songs and be motivated to practice!
Here are a few popular piano tutorials of mine where millions have used:

3. Piano Live Streams

I also do a few livestreams every week for about 3-6 hours each where I learn and play any song in the world by ear right on the spot as requested by real time donators within the live stream. These live streams are done mainly for entertainment and to also show how my methods of melody and chord by ear and improvisation works for all types of songs.

I currently stream on every SATURDAY and MONDAY starting at 2pm New South Wales Australia Time.

Use the Timezone Difference Convertor linked below to find out what time is that for where you live:

Here are some playbacks of my most popular streams:

Online Piano Services I Offer

With my immense passion for music, I also decided to teach all my methods online using my Courses, Full Song Video Lesson Service, and Sheet Music Transcription Service so that everyone in the world (not only my private real life students) can learn how to play any of their favourite songs!

I’ll keep it short and I’ll wrap it up here.

So if you are interested in my piano methods and want to me to be your piano teacher, then click the button below to get started!


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